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  A Mother's Love

Fall is my favorite time of the year... I know everyone loves the warm weather of summer but by fall I'm tired, it's a busy 3 months and by September it's time to retreat a bit and work on myself. This time of the year can bring up a lot of emotions that sometimes we don't understand. In September as children we left our mothers to go to school. It is ingrained into our systems, we have a feeling of sadness at times, maybe the feeling of not being safe, alone or longing. 

These are all natural emotions and are much easier to process if we embrace them instead of push them down because we are to old to feel that way. Give yourself some extra care this month and be sad for awhile if you are missing your mother or grandmother. Ask for an extra hug during the day, have a good cry, write a letter to your mother or whatever makes you feel safe and loved. 

Physical touch is very important with Mother energy so connect with Mother Earth... Like really lay on her and let her embrace you, a massage or snuggle with your children and feel the love. Whatever works, retreat and take time for yourself. 

I have added a new Series called Experiencing Awareness that you can read up on and see it it's a good fit for you. Have an amazing fall and enjoy the change!

Nature of the Soul: Focusing on Mind, Matter and Spirit,  Will be held once per month from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Gables in the Governors' room.  We will feature a speaker that deals in Alternative Health and other topics to open our minds to something New and then end with a meditation to ground ourselves.  

We have set up a website for information, just click the link above and make your Soul Happy!!!!

With good information and some solid ideas your path may lead you to feeling better than you ever thought possible....

So try something New and.. Be healthier than you ever have been! 

For more info email me at or call 320-759-1448  and Thanks again for visiting this website...

We look forward to seeing you for a session!

Have A Healthy Life.....Michelle

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