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Angel Works

Angel Work Sessions 

Who Are You? What is the story of your journey in this Life? Why are you depressed and sad? Why are you angry? Have you been hurt and can't Love yourself? Why can't you find the right mate? 

If these are some of the questions you have in life I can help you trun our feelings from a negative to a positive. 

The Truth is, I have been given the gift of sight from the Angels to help you on your quest. I can also reach out to loved ones who have passed over to bring you messages of love and happiness. 

What a journey we have traveled. Let's make the rest of your life about you. It is now your turn for happiness. 

I can meet with you individually or as a group but do not give readings over the phone. Sessions are 30 to 60 mins long depending on the information received. Please call me at 320-491-2080 to set up an appointment. 

May God and the Angels be with you always

Shirlee Kay Grady

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