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Experiencing Awareness Series

I have started this series to go beyond just the energy work sessions that I have done in the past. During this series you will be exploring your emotional connections that are guiding you in your life. Good or Bad we bring in the people, situations and experiences that we are surrounded by every day. If you feel that something needs to change, your at a crossroads or a stirring has started that you are ready to grow then now is the time. 

This Series will start with an Energy Work Session then there will be 3 follow up appointments one week apart of each other. This is meant to be completed in a month so come into it with accountability. If you have recently had energy work or your not comfortable with that yet we can take the First session to just visit, the path will be shown to us no matter what direction we go. The 3 follow up appointments will be talking and sharing about what you have been experiencing with going deeper each time.  

We will be asking some hard questions, digging into those emotions that you have buried for awhile or maybe have no Idea they are even there. If you have had energy work with me before you know I don't sugar coat anything or beat around the bush. This is a deep exploration into your self that we will lok at with honest reality. No BS just facts.. When you become aware of an emotion it has to change... and it can be released. You can change your life, Forgive that person or just enhance what you have already been working on. This is Energy Work 2.0, lets go beyond the traditional session and really dig into the work. 

Now please.. if you are not comfortable with an Energy Work Session no worries, We will be guided no matter what path we take. That's the great part of this series... it can only be exactly what you need because we are working with YOUR energy, not a text book. 

The cost is $260.00 for all 4 appointments and can be split up into 2 payments is that works better. 

If you have any questions, call the office at 320-759-1448 or email me at or go to to just jump right in. 

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